Funds Raised

While you read this sitting on your comfortable office chair sipping on coffee, there’s a group of villagers walking to a common well that’s almost dried up to gather drinking water for the week. There’s also a farmer who has lost all hope and will to wait for a good year and is at the brink of ending his life.

All this because they don’t have access to water, for anything!
How many farmer suicide headlines will it take for us to do something? Are we becoming numb to somebody not having access to something as basic as water?

It’s time we go beyond shaking our heads and feeling bad, it’s time to send help now!

We’ve partnered with a bunch of NGOs, select the one you like and start a fundraising campaign for them. Or you could pick the ones you like and donate to the cause.

It’s said the next world war would be fought over water. Your actions have the power to change that. Act now!